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November 07
Su Doku solver

My Su Doku solver is here for you to try.

It does not just present you with the solution but rather it leads you through solving it yourself by suggesting numbers for each square for which it has determined there is a unique answer.  As set up it has a default puzzle but you can change any and all of the numbers to start the solution of your own puzzles.  Give it a go!  It is a useful aid to teaching and having “maths fun” – or should I say logic?

You do not need a logon to download the file and save it as your own copy.  Note however that in Internet Explorer (because of a known problem with its interface to sites such as this one) you may see a request to provide an ID and password.  Press cancel, perhaps twice, and it will open the file quite happily.  If you are using firefox or chrome you will not get this problem.


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