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September 30
My question is...

… do you provide maths tutoring online or via face to face tutoring at the student’s house?


November 05
Send in a question

I have launched a new trial service for mathematics questions with which you would like help. You can email your question to or post a blog entry. I will provide an answer in the blog or start a set of comments with other students. If you want to post directly you can sign in as a student using a guest student ID.  I will provide the ID and password if you email me at or you may prefer to request your own ID which I will be happy to provide.

In either case your question will appear in the blog and I will be alerted that you have posted a question so that I can reply promptly. I have provided an example question and answer in the "other" category but I encourage questions at all levels – particularly at GCSE and A level.

November 05
Here is the link to my Statistics S1, S2 summary

The full document (just a few pages) is here.

November 05
A statistics revision summary

Is there a short summary of the things I need to know to revise Edexcel S1 and S2 Statistics AS/A level?

November 02
Maths musing
Why do I have (x+y-z)/(m+n-l) = p on the brain?
November 02
My question (2012-001)

I have some interesting ODEs to solve...
(This is an example email to