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Average Speed 
by John Rowland
 19/06/2024 03:55 PM
Puzzle for you to consider 
by John Rowland
 19/06/2024 03:53 PM
Puzzles - Answers being added 
by John Rowland
 04/03/2019 07:49 PM

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 Visual Maths Tutoring

 Number boxes

I have written a number boxes game - perhaps it is a puzzle - for those of you with Excel 2003 or above.  Although it is not yet in perfect form, I thought I would put it on the site so you can see what you think.  It is hereThe idea is that for each row you should aim to finish with the same number as the number at the start of the row using addition (a), subtraction (s), multiplication (m) and division (d) by the numbers at the top of the table.  I have done the first two rows but I have not yet attempted the others.
The number boxes work in sequence (not BODMAS!) the result from one calclaution feeding into the calculation for the next box.  Also the starting numbers and the numbers at the top can be changed to vary the game at will.  Perhaps we should try it with prime numbers.
Watch out for division - it calculates accurately - but the display will show the result rounded to the nearest integer.  Just makes it more puzzling?
Let me know your views.  This is not a new idea?
Oh yes - if you use IE to open the file you may be asked for a password - just cancel (maybe twice) and it will load up OK.
A 1991 A level pure mathematics paper - Try it now 
by John Rowland
 30/05/2016 11:24 AM
1950s O level 
by John Rowland
 15/01/2013 02:07 PM
Cover the squares 
by John Rowland
 15/01/2013 02:05 PM
Christmas puzzle 
by John Rowland
 15/01/2013 02:04 PM
Maths mug 
by John Rowland
 15/01/2013 02:02 PM
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