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October 01
A level and beyond

It's interesting to see how the demand for Maths tutoring, at least as far as my own work is concerned, is beginning to shift to A level and beyond.

The change in the level of depth at which the subject is taught can be quite daunting even for those who achieved the highest GCSE grade.  Even more so, the jump from sixth form to university can be quite a shock - as I remember from my own experience in 1966.

I am pleased that this increase in demand at A level and beyond has come early in the academic year when the pressure of exams is not imminent. It means I can more easily adopt the rounded inclusive approach I prefer drawing out the connections that make the subject so absorbing.

An inclusive approach to tutoring Maths and any other subject was made more difficult because of the introduction of modular examinations.  It increased the tendency to focus on examination technique rather subject knowledge.  Bite sized chunks may be easier to swallow but they lead to indigestion.  The full story is so much more appealing.


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