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October 23
Explaining my tweet on the Spending Review

Here is the tweet:  "If tax payers earning over £30K paid £30pm, over £40K £40pm and so on, we could clear over £18 Billion in debt in 4 years. SofAR for Maths!"


This was a calculation I made in response to the question of the fairness of the Spending Review.  The point is that those who believe the cuts to be unfairly distributed and who earn over £30K a year could, by making a direct payment, help to ease the burden.  If all taxpayers earning over £30K did this on a sliding scale the amount repaid would be very large indeed.


So far for the Maths.  The political point is more complex.  I could be seen as advocating a significant tax increase or from the other point of view, that those arguing that the cuts are unfair should “put their money where their mouth is”...




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