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September 15

Originally the idea in setting up a new SharePoint based site was simply to modernise my existing site which advertises my tutoring service and contains a collection of Maths puzzles (SofAR puzzles). However I also have a facebook page and a twitter account both of which I have maintained intermittently with updates on my tutoring work and with other materials I find of mathematical interest.

In future I have decided to maintain all this stuff in one place and use facebook and twitter to link here as appropriate to my contacts in these social networks. and now point directly to this site and I am beginning the work to consolidate all my materials. I already have this blog of course and all the original SofAR puzzles are here. I intend to add past exam papers, worked examples, tutoring notes and any other Mathematical materials I like and can't help but share…

Access to the site is open to all but to contribute to the blog and to submit responses to the puzzles you will need an ID and password which you can get from me by sending an email request to


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